How to reach Prabodhankar Keshav Sitaram Thackeray Natya Mandir

In this article, you will know all the routes to reach prabodhankar keshav sitaram thackeray natya mandir.

Let’s start the journey…

Public Transport:


  • Most Convenient: Borivali Railway Station (Western Line) is just a stone’s throw away, making this the fastest and most convenient option. The Natya Mandir is located on Sodawala Lane, opposite the railway station. Simply cross the bridge and walk for approximately 2 minutes.


  • Multiple Routes: Look for buses explicitly mentioning “Prabodhankar Thackeray Natya Mandir” or “Borivali Railway Station” as their destination or passing points. Some potential routes include:
    • A-206 (I.C. Colony – Prabodhankar Thackeray Nagar Bus Station)
    • 203 (Juhu Beach – Dahisar Bridge)
    • 205 (Jogeshwari Bus Station (W) – Gomant Nagar)
    • A-245 (Prabodhankar Thackeray Nagar Bus Station – Charkop Bus Station)
    • Depending on where you’re coming from, some buses might require a short walk (5-10 minutes) from the stop to the Natya Mandir.


  • Feasible for Central Mumbai: While not the closest option, the Orange Line (Andheri West – Dahanu Road) can be helpful if coming from central Mumbai. Take the metro to Dahisar Station and then take an auto rickshaw (5-10 minutes) or bus (203, 205, A-245) to reach the Natya Mandir.

Other Options:

Auto Rickshaws:

  • Good for Short Distances: Ideal if coming from nearby areas like Borivali West, Kandivli, or Dahisar. Remember to negotiate the fare before boarding and clearly mention “Prabodhankar Thackeray Natya Mandir” or “Sodawala Lane opposite Borivali Station” as your destination.


  • Eco-Friendly and Healthy: If staying within walking/cycling distance (less than 1 km) in surrounding areas like Borivali West, this option is possible. Consider weather conditions and traffic before choosing this option.


You can use any of the above transportation modes to reach prabodhankar keshav sitaram thackeray natya mandir hassle-free

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